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  • MARTIN - G8JNJ - ECLECTIC AETHER - Adventures with Amateur Radio
  • Owen Duffy VK2OMD (ex VK1OD) - Good practical information relating to Electronics, Antennas, Feedlines, Baluns & just about everything else
  • Steve G3TXQ - Home of the Broadband Hexbeam and 1:1 Balun common mode impedance charts
  • Tom W8JI - Lots of practical antenna information and theoretical analysis
  • Dan N3OX - Lots of antenna practical construction information (especially verticals) and theoretical analysis
  • Adam AB4OJ/VA7OJ - Excellent information relating to Icom Radios and associated items
  • Alan K0BG - Everything you will ever need to know about mobile operation and compact antennas
  • Phil AD5X - Lots of very interesting articles and construction projects
  • Ian GM3SEK - Lots of practical design info. Especially these pages on cost effective common mode choke design
  • Jim KY9C - Loads of design and measurement information relating to common mode chokes
  • Chuck W1HIS - More notes on ferrite common mode chokes. Showing what you need to do to reduce EMI problems
  • L.B Cebik W4ML (SK) - The best resource for antenna design and modelling (free but you need to create a login account)


  • A Guide to Using SDR-Console V3 for Accessing and Creating Remote Servers
    Jon Hudson, head of marketing at SDRplay has recently released a helpful tutorial that shows how to access remote servers in SDR-Console V3, and also how to set up your own server too. As you may already know, SDR-Console V3 provides a remote server platform which allows you to access all sorts of SDR hardware […]
  • Decoding Morse Code and Weather Faxes with an RTL-SDR
    Over on the YouTube channel Tech Minds the presenter has uploaded two new RTL-SDR based tutorial videos. The first video gives a bit of background and shows how to decode Morse code with an RTL-SDR. He uses SDR-Console V3 and the Morse code decoder CwGet. With this he's able to decode a few calls from some ham […]
  • The GNU Radio Signals Challenge is now Live
    GNU Radio have today released their latest 'Signal Challenge'. This is an online competition that contains three digital signal processing related problems. They write: At 1222 EST on 21 Feb 2018, we posted a new signals challenge! There are *three* different challenges hidden in this signal capture, and the solution to each is a text […]

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  • Pi 3 Network Attached Storage, Torrentbox, ADS-B server
    One microcomputer connected to an external hard drive providing wireless access to data, looking after torrents, and supplying aircraft information - all at the same time.Tutorial below is written for ordinary folks, in plain English, with as much spoonfeeding as possible, contains own purchases, product samples and affiliate links (disclaimer). All links open in new […]
  • Top 5 of Software Defined Radio
    Cause I want peace of mind, going away for 2 weeks of incommunicado, here's what I'll carry:From top left:Nooelec Mini 2+ Al: backup, sheer performance, still the best RTL-SDR dongle when aim is hearing a signal.Nooelec SMArt: backup, for SMA connector, easy for USB port, will v.3: same as SMArt, backup.SDRPlay RSP1A: secondary, currently the best […]
  • Comparison: Generic RTL-SDR R820T2 vs Nooelec Mini 2
    Generic or branded? $8 or $21? Observations after Nooelec sent a brand-new Mini 2 (manufacturer, Amazon) for review (many thanks, disclaimer) and bought a fresh R820T2 off eBay. Identical receiver specs on paper, but are they really the same?Interchangeable cases:PCBs look quite similar, click on image for full screen view:Upon closer inspection, component mounting on PCB, […]
  • Ode to SDRplay RSP2
    Unadulterated and highly personal review follows of a product I love. Been writing this post for many months, in fact, over a year, adding and subtracting, cracking an RSP2 is not possible, like an onion, deep into the rabbit hole, then some.Conclusion: get Visa or Mastercard out, be happy. RSP2 is the beginning, the end, the ultimate Software […]
  • Review: Uputronics Wideband Preamp
    Review: Uputronics Wideband PreampAlso called HABamp or Habamp, a low noise radio amplifier for radio signals between 100 MHz and 4 Ghz in a metal case with bias-T or 5V external power.Available for $45 equivalent from the manufacturer in the UK, or for $45 from in the USA (plus shipping).Recevied review sample from the manufacturer without strings attached  - thank you. Customary legal […]

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  • The spanning tree protocol
    In this experiment, we will see how broadcast storms can occur in a network with bridge loops (multiple Layer 2 paths between endpoints). Then, we will see how the spanning tree protocol creates a loop-free logical topology in a network with physical loops, so that a broadcast storm cannot occur.
  • Open Issues in Router Buffer Sizing
    In this experiment, we reproduce the results of Amogh Dhamdhere and Constantine Dovrolis. Open issues in router buffer sizing. SIGCOMM Comput. Commun. Rev., 36(1):87–92, January 2006. on the GENI testbed. Prior results in [2] had suggested that as long as the link carries many TCP flows, only
  • Visible Light as a Communication Medium
    In this experiment, you will learn how to use the VLC - visible light communication - devices on the WITest testbed, and how to capture and visualize the light levels measured at the receiver. It should take about 2 hours to run this experiment, but you will need to have

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  • Casting Metal Parts and Silicone Molds from 3D Prints
    The invention of the relatively affordable 3D printer for home use has helped bring methods used to produce parts for prototypes, samples, and even manufacturing, closer to designers. This tutorial on how to cast metal parts from 3D printed silicone molds is a perfect example of how useful a 3D printer can be when you […]
  • Maplin For Sale
    If you are an American Electronics Enthusiast of a Certain Age, you will have misty-eyed reminiscences of the days when every shopping mall had a Radio Shack store. If you are a Brit, the name that will bring similar reminiscences to those Radio Shack ones from your American friends is Maplin. They may be less […]
  • This 3D-Printed Robotic Vacuum Sucks
    After you’ve taken a moment to ponder the turn of phrase used in the title, take a look at this scratch-built robotic vacuum created by [theking3737]. The entire body of the vacuum was 3D printed, and all of the internal electronics are off-the-shelf modular components. We can’t say how well it stacks up against the […]

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  • Genesys Integration on The Wire (IOTW)
    Following on from a previous post on Genesys Management 2.0 here I’ve been doing some additional work on integrating Genesys environments with Elasticsearch. The result is what I call Genesys Integration on The Wire (IOTW).     Integration on The Wire (IOTW) is a technology which enables system level integration based on a “zero touch” […]
  • Genesys Management 2.0
    Hi – I’m back! Unfortunately, due to client confidentiality I’ve not been able to blog about Genesys work projects for a few years. Let’s change that .. This post is about something I have been looking at for several years in the form of a shelved project which gets events from Genesys components via the […]
  • 2016 Xmas Light show using Raspberry Pi Controller

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  • Running TempestSDR on Windows 10
    TempestSDR is a nice tool which can be used to eavesdrop on computer monitors using the electromagnetic (EM) emissions causes by them. While this concept is not a new thing, the use of cheap software defined radio (SDR) hardware has enabled the possibility of performing this attack a lot more easier. I was struggling to […]
  • Installing Drivers for RTL-SDR and HackRF on Windows 10
    Since I have been using software defined radio (SDR) tools on Linux platform for a long time, it was a very new thing to me when I had to use some SDR tools on Windows. Anyway, the installation of the relevant drivers went smoothly and the devices were ready to use within a short while. […]
  • Capturing ADS-B packets using HackRF
    A few weeks ago, I managed to setup my computer to capture ADS-B beacons transmitted from aircrafts flying over UCD. That was a fantastic experience. Unfortunately, I was woking on trying another tool while working on this and therefore, I cannot remember the exact tools I installed for this particular work. Therefore, I will write […]


  • Radio amateur brings her hobby to university
    Kettering University reports student Ruth Willet KM4LAO brings her amateur radio expertise to campus. Ruth, who is double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Physics, was first licensed in June 2015. On her QRZ page she says: “I love getting … Continue reading →
  • HamRadioNow interviews AMSAT President Joe Spier K6WAO
    AMSAT President Joe Spier K6WAO talks about AMSAT and Satellites with Gary Pearce KN4AQ of HamRadioNow at the Orlando HamCation. Watch HRN 384 AMSAT Update, Live from Orlando HamRadioNow videos Orlando HamCation AMSAT-UK: Twitter: Facebook: … Continue reading →
  • AmsatDroidFree now open source
    David Johnson G4DPZ has announced that his AmsatDroidFree satellite tracking App for Android devices is now open source. This App predicts future passes for amateur radio satellites for a specified location and period of time. Basic features: – Calculate passes … Continue reading →

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  • Tech Flashback: Western Digital Raptor/Velociraptor Hard Drives
    When it comes to computer memory, the tiers of storage always end in mass storage as being the system bottleneck. Hard drives, colloquially referred to as spinning rust, were the dominant technology for the vast majority of computers from the … Continue reading →
  • Tech Flashback: BenQ DW1640 DVD±RW Drive Specialties
    The final part of a series of postings about the BenQ DW1640 DVD±RW drive looks at some of its other special features and explains why I’m so fond of this particular drive. Quality Testing When users burn recordable discs, they … Continue reading →
  • Tech Flashback: BenQ QSuite v2.1
    One thing that made owning a late-model BenQ DVD recorder worthwhile was the decent writing quality it had out of the box, along with the amount of tweakability the unit had. Knowing what I know now, an earlier Plextor drive … Continue reading →

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  • No need to break in, use the backdoor
    The idea Some time ago I read a tweet about hunting so-called “sticky-keys backdoors”, referencing a presentation at DEFCON 24, In addition to the presentation, the team released a tool called “Sticky Keys Slayer” that is publicly available on GitHub, The sticky-keys backdoor is using a simple trick. On a Windows system, it is possible […]
  • How to lose money with cryptocurrencies
    Cryptocurrencies are getting more and more popular nowadays. Price increases of more than fifty percent in a day, something that does not happen on other markets, is nothing uncommon in the world of virtual currencies. Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, has multiplied its value about 15 times throughout 2017, whereas other currencies, Ethereum for example, […]
  • Write-up: BlackAlps Y-NOT-CTF
    The BlackAlps 2017 security conference took place this week in Yverdon-les-Bains: A small delegation of Compass Security was here to present a web application security workshop and also take part in the Y-NOT-CTF. You’ll find below a write-up of the challenges we were able to solve. Fun : Beautiful Alps This was probably the […]

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  • ClearEnergy ransomware can destroy process automation logics in critical infrastructure, SCADA and industrial control systems.
    Schneider Electric, Allen-Bradley, General Electric (GE) and more vendors are vulnerable to ClearEnergy ransomware. Researchers at CRITIFENCE® Critical Infrastructure and SCADA/ICS Cyber Threats Research Group have demonstrated this week a new proof of concept ransomware attack aiming to erase (clear) the ladder logic diagram in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). The ransomware a.k.a ClearEnergy affects a massive […]
  • Flaws in Samsung’s ‘Smart’ Home Let Hackers Unlock Doors and Set Off Fire Alarms
      A smoke detector that sends you a text alert when your house is on fire seems like a good idea. An internet-connected door lock with a PIN that can be programmed from your smartphone sounds convenient, too. But when a piece of malware can trigger that fire alarm at four in the morning or […]
  • Waze | Another way to track your moves
    Millions of drivers use Waze, a Google-owned navigation app, to find the best, fastest route from point A to point B. And according to a new study, all of those people run the risk of having their movements tracked by hackers. Researchers at the University of California-Santa Barbara recently discovered a Waze vulnerability that allowed […]

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  • 100 Warm Tunas 2017 Prediction Analysis
    🔥💯 🔥💯 Over the space of 6 weeks, 100 Warm Tunas collected a large sum of data and chugged away at it to make some predictions about what the Hottest 100 of 2017 would look like. Along the way we encountered a bug in the collection process, however data was backfilled and showed that I […]
  • 100 Warm Tunas 2017 Update 🔥💯
    100 Warm Tunas has been happily chugging away for the last month or so. I’ve obtained a fair amount of media coverage too. A couple of days back, I posted the site to the triplej subreddit. Someone replied to the post telling me my vote count was significantly less than what they had been counting […]
  • 100 Warm Tunas 2016 Prediction Analysis
    It’s been a long time since the Hottest 100 of 2016 was aired. Unfortunately, I never really got around to publishing some analysis I performed on the prediction results. Fortunately, I managed to find some time recently! Looking from afar, the results don’t look fantastic (when you compare them to my results from 2015 at […]


  • New Tektronix Logo
    Tektronix, Inc. announced today that going forward they are using a newer, more modern logo. At first I thought “not another rebranding…,” but then I actually looked at the logos and the corresponding press-release. The logo looks a lot more modern and doesn’t really deviate from the original all too much. It’s easily recognizable to […]
  • Automated Forward Gain Measurement
    This article is going to take you into the world of automation. Using MATLAB and commercial off-the-shelf bits and pieces, this article will show how to measure the forward gain of a RF device. For a long time now I had a bunch of Mini Circuits portable test equipment bits and pieces sitting around. S […]
  • Thermal Design Basics | Practical Example
    Thermal design is one of those things engineers don’t really learn in school and hobbyists often don’t even think about. This article is going to show some basic math with a practical example. One of my portable police scanners has an external 6V jack. To use it in my car I used my standard linear […]


  • Aluminium ground system suitability for ham radio station
    I have been asked a few times about my article Implementation of G5RV inverted V using high strength aluminium MIG wire, and conversations ran to the suitability of the wire to a radial system on Marconi type antennas. Firstly, a progress report on the antenna, no news to report and that is good news, there […]
  • Baluns – wire size insanity
    An online expert recently expounded on detailed design of a balun, this is an excerpt about wire sizing. The wire gauge used limits the current handling capacity of the wire, run too thin a wire and it will heat up. Run much too thin of a wire for the power in use and it will […]
  • IoT water tank telemetry project – part 1
    This is the first in a series of articles describing a simple maker / DIY IoT water tank telemetry system. Design criteria capture water depth, temperature and relative humidity; IoT connectivity; solar / battery powered; wireless connection; use existing inexpensive electronic modules. Design choices made initially: 4-20mA water pressure sensor for depth measurement; ESP8266 Wemos […]